Year 7 Catch Up

There are currently 32 students who are eligible for Year 7 Catch Up and the following provisions are in place:

  • Accelerated progress groups for English and Maths
  • Toe by Toe – a highly structured multi-sensory method of teaching phonics
  • Basic Skills programme which runs for 6 weeks in small group sessions – these sessions are tailored to meet the particular needs of each student and teaches skills such as telling the time, naming letters of the alphabet, days of the week, months of the year and seasons
  • Numicon – a multi-sensory intervention for students who are struggling with their number bonds or times tables
  • Cued spelling to help students gain the ability to spell confidently and accurately as well as maintaining a high level of motivation
  • Catch Up Literacy – a structured one to one literacy intervention
  • SEAL – a programme to promote the social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning, positive behaviour, regular attendance and emotional health – this is done on a one to one basis
  • One to one tuition in Maths focussing on specific areas of concern
  • Learning Engagement Programme which focuses on behaviour for learning
  • Social stories used with students who are on the autistic spectrum or who struggle with their social cues