Staff List 2016/17

Senior Leadership Team

Fiona Pierson – Principal
Andrew Robinson – Vice Principal
Claire Elliott – Assistant Principal | KS4
Sue Mainstone – Assistant Principal | KS3
Roque Segade-Vieito – Assistant Principal | Teaching and Learning
Sarah Watson – Assistant Principal | Inclusion
Caroline Woodburn – Assistant Principal | Quality Assurance

Year Leaders

Emma Cansdale – Year Leader – 7
Monica Rys-Hand – Year Leader – 8
Mark van Geete – Year Leader – 9
Lauren Jones – Year Leader – 10
Ben Jones – Year Leader – 11


Emma Cansdale – Year Leader
Caroline Dutton – Team Leader English
Claire Elliott – Assistant Principal

Gillian Hawkins – Library Co-ordinator
Eleanor Hyde – Assistant Team Leader English
Brenda McLaughlin – Literacy Co-ordinator
Mark van Geete – Year Leader
Alexandra Wilkinson – Teacher of English
Caroline Woodburn – Assistant Principal


Adam Leach – Teacher of Maths
Ciaran Mainstone – Teacher of Maths
Sue Mainstone – Assistant Principal
Paula McManus – Team Leader Maths
Alex Meredith – Teacher of Maths
David North – Teacher of Maths
Konstantin Zlatarev – Teacher of Maths


Susan Crafer – Lead Practitioner Science
Dona Devassy – Teacher of Science
Faye Edwards – Assistant Team Leader Science
Serena Kay – Team Leader Science
Andrew Robinson – Vice Principal
Roque Segade-Vieito – Assistant Principal
Mark St Claire – Teacher of Science


Alice Baker – Teacher of Geography
Felipe Fleury-Rojo – Learning Co-ordinator Humanities
Sinead McCarron – Teacher of History
Alexander Parker – Teacher of Humanities


Shad Gulabkhan – Teacher of ICT and Business Studies
Ramani Jaltota – Head of ICT

Modern Foreign Languages

Irina Constantinescu – Team Leader MFL
Vanesa Macia – Teacher of MFL

Performing Arts

Harriet Smith – Learning Co-ordinator Performing Arts
William Searl – Head of Performing Arts

Physical Education

Kathryn Allwood – Teacher of PE
Ben Jones – Year Leader
Lauren Jones – Year Leader
Ben Reakes – Learning Co-ordinator PE (BTEC Co-ordinator)
Louise Spires – Teacher of PE
Kathryn Ross – Team Leader PE

Technology and Art

James Bain – Head of Photography
Kyle Balcombe – Technology Technician
Angela Coburn – Team Leader Technology and Art
Ellie Cooke – Teacher of Technology
Monica Rys-Hand – Year Leader

Learning and Behaviour Support

Romina Callander – Learning Support Assistant (Interventions Lead)
Lorraine Edwards – Home School Liaison Officer
Claire Farthing – Learning Support Assistant
Clare Haynes – Learning Support Assistant (Interventions Lead)
Alexandra Ivan – Learning Support Manager (Interventions Lead)
Juanita Jealous – Learning Support Assistant
Heide Last – Learning Support Assistant
Jane Marshall – Coordinator of Learning Support
Suzanne Nevard – Learning Support Assistant
Diane Paton – Student Support Manager
Sonia Pearson – LSA Interventions Lead
Alexis Roper – Tutor (ESOL)
Pauline Sanger – Learning Support Assistant
Sharon Silver – Student Support Manager
Cindy Taylor – Learning Support Assistant (Interventions Lead)
Jennifer Tomlinson – Deputy Head of Inclusion
Kate Warburton – Counsellor
Sarah Watson – Head of Inclusion


Brett Macklin – Cover Supervisor
Lyn White – Cover Supervisor


Irina Brown – Finance Assistant (MAT LEAVE)
Jo Jeffrey – Business Manager
Cathy Murphy – Exams Officer
Nadia Millis – Office Supervisor
Kelly O’Riordan – Admin Assistant
Michelle Robinson – Regional HR Assistant
Beverly Robson – PA to SLT
Mari Sutherland – Data Manager

Technical Support

Karen Barnley – Learning Resources Assistant
George O’Brien – IT Technician
Andrew Pearson – IT Manager
Larissa Tait – Learning Resources Assistant
Chris Wilkinson – Science Technician