Year 9 student wins Tim Peake live webchat competition

Year 9 student Yasmin Hashi will be taking part in an exclusive live webchat with Tim Peake after winning the nationwide ‘I’m an astronaut get me out of here’ competition.

Yasmin took part in a webchat with members of the Astro Support Team, who in turn selected her as the student who asked the best questions and engaged the most.

They were impressed with her questioning about how he got into such a specific career and she has now been chosen from hundreds of children across the country to take part in the exclusive webchat.

Year 9 Yasmin, 14, was shocked to find out she had won, but hopes to follow in Tim Peake’s footsteps and go to space one day.

She said: “I feel pretty excited actually about getting to chat with him. I’m not sure what I will ask yet but I’m going to make sure I write it down so I don’t forget.

“We spoke about him quite a lot in class. I would love to go to space because I think it would be so exciting to go all the way up there and float.”

Assistant principal and science teacher Roque Segade Vieito was delighted at Yasmin’s achievement. He said: “I am exceptionally proud. Everyone is absolutely made up for her and it is brilliant and so exciting. Most people asked things like what do you eat in space and things of a similar nature, but Yasmin was brilliant in what she said. The judges clearly liked what she was asking and for her to get this opportunity is fantastic.”