Zumba class reward for 100% attendance

As part of the attendance rewards series, we invited local fitness instructor Claire MacFarlane to the school to lead an hour of the world famous party fitness class, Zumba. 50 pupils (both girls and boys) that had 100% attendance went to the hour long event held in the theatre.

They all got really involved with the music and moves, and were motivated enough to carry on until the very end, although it was very exhausting.

What did the students say?

“I loved doing Zumba. It was exciting and fun”, Rebeca Zavoianu, Year 10.

“I loved having the opportunity to do Zumba as I had never tried it before. I really enjoyed it”, Maia Marzell, Year 8.

“The Zumba was amazing. It was extremely energetic and rewarding”, Casey Walsh, Year 8.

“Zumba was awesome. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life!”, Holly Burman , Year 8.

All students also noted that getting rewarded for good attendance is a great incentive to come to school and they are looking forward to more exciting attendance rewards like this in the future.

How can I get involved in 100% attendance rewards?
Come to school every day – it’s quite simple really.
Be on time for all lessons.
Look out for other attendance rewards in the future on the morning PowerPoints.

Faye Edwards, Teacher of Science