The Colchester Institute Chef Roadshow

On Thursday 4 February the Academy was very lucky to host The Colchester Institute Chef Roadshow.

The Chef lecturer, Martin Fordham, arrived with all his ingredients and knives packed into his roadshow van and set out his wares for our Year 10 Food Technology students. Over the next two hours our students were shown a number of food preparation techniques including ‘jointing a whole chicken into eight pieces’ and skinning and deboning a whole salmon…..much to our students delectation!!

Following this was a competition, students against the teacher, ‘ME’, and we had to demonstrate how to prepare ‘turned potatoes’….great fun was had by all, although I’m not too sure about the scoring! We then participated in an ‘identify the spice ingredients round’ and the winner received a chefs hat to wear. The presentation closed with a demonstration of a stir fried chicken and rice dish followed by chocolate brownies for our students to ‘tickle their taste buds’ with.

The morning proved to be a great introduction to Catering and Hospitality and provided students with knowledge and skills to support their GCSE studies.

Monica Rys-Hand, Food Technology