Colchester Academy has the X Factor

We recently hosted our first X Factor style house competition and we were delighted with the number of students who signed up for audition. Over the course of a week staff watched 37 acts and had the difficult job of choosing just 10 for the final. After rehearsals, the final acts performed in front of 300 students (who had all earned the opportunity to attend with good behaviour) and a panel of judges, Miss Edwards, Mr Segade Vieito, and Mr Bacon.

The audience enjoyed a fabulous show with a range of acts both singing and dancing.


  • Ellieth Eugenio and Emma Carden– singing
  • Sophia Ashford – Dancing
  • Holly Parker – singing
  • Holly Burman, Chloe Bareham, Jamie Brewer, Autumn Parker, Maia Marzell and Casey Walsh – singing and dancing
  • Toni Akinsanya and Ria Rugube – playing piano and singing
  • Ella Luizzi-Cogan, Olivia Wallace, Kausara Ayoola and Limara Sansum – singing
  • Lana Salmon – singing
  • Aaliyah Elliot and Lydia Sim – singing
  • Mya Jackson –singing.

All acts performed superbly, after some deliberation the winners were:

  • 1st place – Lana Salmon
  • 2nd place – Sophia Ashford
  • 3rd place – Mya Jackson