Colchester Academy receives positive report following Ofsted visit


We received a very positive monitoring visit from Ofsted last month where it was stated that we are taking effective action to improve. The visit reviewed how we are progressing since our official inspection in July 2014.

Since that inspection, and since joining Bright Tribe in April this year, we have made a number of changes to significantly improve the school. Ofsted noted the improvements to the quality of leadership and management saying “The new Principal has acted swiftly to set out a clear improvement plan that prioritises the right things.”

The report goes on to say that “teaching and raising achievement in all areas are the heart of the academy’s plans and there are signs of early impact. For example, a fresh approach to promoting reading is in place, starting with an intense programme of reading support for all new Year 7 students.

“The academy has also made progress in the way that it checks on students’ progress. Each student in Year 11 is being very closely monitored as they get nearer to their exams next year and the academy plans to roll out this approach to other year groups.”

Ofsted also noted the following strengths in our approaches to securing improvements:

  • Student outcomes for Year 11 were significantly better in several subjects than in previous years, demonstrating our capacity to raise the quality of teaching and students’ achievement.
  • Teaching in some subjects which were previously under performing, especially modern foreign languages, is improving.
  • We are making better use of Key Stage 2 data when students move from primary school.

Ms Pierson said: “The outcome of this visit is extremely positive for Colchester Academy.  It is a reflection of the focused efforts we have implemented to improve not only the academy but more importantly the outcomes for our young people. I have a dedicated and determined staff body who have adjusted rapidly to the new high expectations and I commend them all for this.  As we progress this year, we will continue to work together in the same direction, to get the result this academy deserves and that is to be rated a good school.

“The academy has experienced monumental change in a short space of time; this result proves that our focus has indeed remained centred on what is our core purpose, and that is to educate the next generation.”

Gary Kelly, Director of Schools at Bright Tribe added: “We are very pleased with the level of progress Colchester Academy is making across all areas and this recent visit from Ofsted is a testament to the commitment from the entire staff body.

“There is still a lot of progress to be made but we are on the right path to improving and there are a lot of exciting times ahead.”