Colchester Academy Sports Centre re-opens

Sports groups are moving back home to Colchester Academy sports centre after being closed for the past academic year for structural repairs.

Now the centre has re-opened and a number of sports groups have started to move back in.

St Edmunds Football Club had used the academy as its base for 26 years and was distraught when they had to move out.

The club, which has players aged from six to 11, is thrilled to go back to a new and improved facility.

Barry Wilson, club secretary, said: “It’s like going back home.

“It’s nice to see the school change and get the sport back in there, we are very pleased and the children couldn’t be happier. It’s really good for us.”

The work involved structural improvements to the sports hall and gym and repairs to the gym floor, which had suffered from damp.

They have also refurbished the pool hall, pool filtering system, and pool heating.

The sports centre, built in the 1960s, is now open for group bookings for organisations but it is not yet open to members of the public.

Caroline Woodburn, assistant principal, said: “It’s great to have the sports centre open again and it’s nice to welcome back groups from the community and the funding we received from the Bright Tribe Trust was used to great effect.”

Other organisations which have moved back to the centre include Swim-with-me based in Great Bentley and their sister company Go Leisure.

Stuart Hall, the head caretaker at the academy, said: “It is a superb facility, not only for the students of Colchester Academy, but also for youth groups in and around Colchester and the improvements we have made will ensure the continued use of the facilities for years to come.”