27 Students start their Duke of Edinburgh Award

On the 2nd November, 27 participants embarked on their first steps to becoming a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award holder.

So far, we have learned about each other, maps, equipment, hygiene, fitness and tents. Our greatest challenge has been negotiating the eDofE system and organising activities for the Skill, Physical and Volunteering sections of The Award. We hope to have tamed the technology by the end of January.

Highlights have been reaching the top floor in the satellite task, making friends with our co-ordinator Lesley West (who loaned us some much needed training equipment) and for learning that Jessica has the loudest voice in the group (who knew?).

After Christmas, we will complete our training and navigate our first walk around Mersea Island.

Thank you to all our participants for being so much fun and for everyone who has accommodated our group on a Monday evening (yes, we mean you Mr Bain!).