Students attend a Physics ‘girls day out’ at Cambridge University

Here two of our students write pieces about their experiences that day. Please see our December 2015 newsletter for more.

Maggie Barrett , 11NRD
I confess I went thinking it was going to be a boring day – all about physics but boy, was I wrong. The first part of the day was spent at the historical Emmanuel College where we met with the Student Liaison Officer for a chat. She gave us a talk about University life and in particular, what this could be like at Cambridge. She then focused on the Science courses that are available to study at Cambridge University: I never knew there were so many Science courses!

We went on a tour around the College as well as a lovely, long walk through Cambridge town to the Physics Department. It was so fun; we had a mini lecture from one of the professors, where he gave us some background on the work of some famous scientists. I always thought that the Science world was a very male dominated place and that finding a female was rare, but the visit didn’t reflect that.  All in all, the day actually made me re-think Science and what I could go on to study, and it’s given me the encouragement to go on to take Physics for an A Level, as it could lead to so many potential careers.

Rebeccae Howlett, Yr 9
My trip to Cambridge made me think. It made me think that, actually, I do want to go to University. When you’re older it pays off because I feel you’ll have what it takes to be whatever you want. Having studied for 3 years and getting a degree makes you more employable. It also usually means that you will be earning better money. Personally, when I went to Cambridge, I loved the place and the people. It was a great day.